An RRSP is a retirement savings plan that you establish, that the Canadian Government registers, and to which you or your spouse or common-law partner contribute. Deductible RRSP contributions can be used to reduce your tax.

Any income you earn in the RRSP is usually exempt from tax as long as the funds remain in the plan; you generally have to pay tax when you receive payments from the plan.

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RRSPs (Rates effective 2020-06-08) Rates
Variable 0.75%
Variable with PAC 1.75%
1 Year - 23 Months 1.75%
2 Year - 35 Months 1.80%
3 Year - 47 Months 1.90%
4 Year - 59 Months 2.00%
5 Year - 66 Months 2.05%

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