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New Member Cards

Q: Why Are We Getting New Member Debit Cards?

A: Minnedosa Credit Union has transitioned to a new card provider and therefore, each of our members will be receiving a new card.

Q: Are the new cards Flash enabled?

A: Yes, these new cards are Flash (Tap) enabled.

Q: Will I need to select a new PIN? How do I activate the new card when I receive it the mail?

A: No. Your new replacement card will be programmed to use your current PIN

Q: How do I activate my new card?

Your new MemberCard will automatically be activated with the first use at a chip enabled terminal.

Q: When I activate my new card, will the old one still work?

A; The MemberCard you received is a replacement card as your current MemberCard will no longer work internationally after July 31st, 2018, and in Canada after August 15, 2018. Minnedosa Credit Union switched card providers in order to provide you with expanded online and convenient technology services.

Q: I haven’t received my card yet. Should I be worried?

A: Your current debit card will work right up until July 31st internationally, and August 15th in Canada. If you haven’t received a new card by mid-August, you should call us, or come see us in-branch.

Q: How do you know my PIN number?

A: Your PIN number is programmed into your existing card. This information will transfer over to the new replacement card at the time it is assigned to you and mailed. PIN numbers remain confidential.

Q: Is it safe? How secure is this?

A: Interac Flash is one of the safest methods of payment today. Transaction and cumulative limits are in place on our Flash MemberCards to ensure you are protected if your MemberCard is ever lost or stolen. The MemberCard needs to be less than 4cm away from the terminal and positioned on an angle. Interac Flash means faster times at checkouts, there is no need to enter a PIN, just simply tap your MemberCard on the point of sale terminal.

Q: Can I turn the flash off?

A: If you would like to discuss turning Interac Flash Technology off, please visit call or visit us in-branch.